Enchanting Session at Elmwood Gardens featuring New Chapel

Continuing the Painting Of Elmwood Gardens…..Welcome to STONEWOOD
Elmwood Gardens started out much like a painting.  We had an idea of what we wanted it to look like, yet we let the natural surroundings dictate what was needed to complete the creation.  We started by adding the flower beds, the fountains, the ponds, the statuary, then came the buildings.  Our goal was to create a soft natural environment while incorporating the vintage buildings and furnishings to allow a feeling of days gone by in order for our guests to enjoy creating their own special event using the portrait we have painted at Elmwood.  We are still painting Elmwood and hope we never run out of canvass.  This is what our motive is for creating the newest part of our gardens known now as Stonewood.  We have added Stonewood Hall, an outdoor dance floor with a facade that looks similar to the oldest dance hall in Texas which is Gruene Hall in the town of Gruene.  Along with the dance floor we have added an outdoor bar where our guests can walk up and order their pleasure or sit on a barstool and enjoy their beverage.  We have forever felt like Elmwood needed a spiritual place so we have built an outdoor chapel complete with flagstone floors and imported cast iron Gothic windows and beautiful Angels standing in the background.  The surreal setting gives us the thought that Stonewood Chapel is a place “where Angels dwell and all who enter are blessed”….Dee Dee Turnage.  It is our hope that all of our guests will enjoy the new creations as much have we have enjoyed creating them. Bouquet by La Tee Da • Dress: Vintage • Accessories: Weddings A-Z

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Tucked in a quiet corner of East Texas, this charming 19th century homestead now serves as the premier wedding venue in the area. This unique facility was established in 2000 by owners Jim and Dee Dee Turnage. Elmwood Gardens was voted as the Best of the Best Wedding Location two years in a row by the Wedded Bliss magazine for 2010 and 2011. Elmwood Gardens also received the Bride’s Choice Award for 2012 by WeddingWire.com based on our client reviews. From the charming European-style cottage gardens to the replica of ancient stone gardens in Ireland, the venue offers the perfect setting to express your unique personality. The forty-two hundred square foot ballroom is perfect to feature your elegant, vintage-inspired or rustic wedding. Lights, vineyards, fountains, and statues provide the perfect romantic atmosphere. The century-old cottages serve as dressing areas as well as hair studios for you and your bridal party.